Deferred Shares Offer leaps past 10k mark milestone

Milestone reached in the first ten days since the launch. 

We are delighted to announce that our first ever Deferred Shares Offer has sailed past the £10,000 mark in investments made in the first ten days since the launch. Investments have come from across our membership with investments from £100, and an overall average of £1,000. This means we are well on the way to securing our initial £100,000 target.

New investors include H.P. from Bishopston and A.B. from Stoke Bishop. Commenting on their investment, HC said:

“Do good with money” is a strapline that makes sense - this is not giving to a charity but is using money, as part of an investment portfolio, to contribute to a robust financial base on which BCU can grow and provide a service to individuals and community organisations.

Our Deferred Shares offer has 4.75% interest rate and forms part of our capital raise to support our growth plans. We are aiming to help more people like T.W. from Newport who said, ‘They have always been fair with their lending and have helped me out for many years, I was a single mother and had been caught out by provident and other high interest lenders. I got myself into debt. I am proud to say I now have a good financial relationship with the credit union and my debt has been dealt with.’

James Berry, our CEO, added:
“It is really heartwarming to see our community come together like this to invest in their Credit Union. Our investment offer will really help us to make a difference to people’s lives and transform their circumstances. Credit Unions are often the unsung heroes of the financial sector, doing good with money each and every time. 

We’re calling on investors in Bristol, Bath and the wider region to gain more than just financial returns on their investment.

With a minimum investment of just £100, the Deferred Shares Offer is open until midnight on June 14th. 

The Deferred Shares will help support our core capital, and form part of a larger investment raise. We are working with a number of social impact investors to secure funding for investment in growth initiatives, and may also launch a new investment bond type opportunity later in the year.


The first phase of our Deferred Shares Offer is now closed, but members can still invest, contact us to find out more. Capital is at risk. Deferred Shares not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Statutory Risk Warning
The credit union wishes to draw your attention to the following Risk Warning, for your consideration prior to making any decision to invest in the deferred shares.
The investment to which this communication relates is a deferred share. Direct investment in deferred shares can be high risk and is very different to investment in deposit accounts or other savings products. In particular, you should note that:
- the entire amount you pay for the deferred share is at risk;
- the sum you pay is only repayable to you in limited circumstances, specifically if:
• the credit union has obtained specific regulatory permission to make the repayment; or
• the credit union is wound up, and there are funds remaining after all creditors, including savers and holders of subordinated debt, have been repaid;
- the sum you pay for deferred shares is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme;
- a deferred share may only be sold to a member of the same credit union and may be difficult to sell on; and
- investing more than 10% of your savings or net investment portfolio in deferred shares issued by a credit union, credit union subordinated debt and mutual society shares is unlikely to be in your best interests.

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06 June 2018