Simple ways of saving for your goals

Our savings accounts make it easy to save for your dreams while helping other local people fund theirs

  • Range of savings accounts: from a Christmas Saver to a Cash ISA
  • Your savings are FSCS protected, up to £85,000
  • Your money allows us to offer fair loans for local people

Cash ISA

Enjoy tax-free savings while helping us provide ethical and affordable loans across the South West.

Easy Saver

This simple savings account makes it easy to put your spare money aside for the things that make life better.

Business Saver

Boost your business savings with our new instant access account and get 2% AER / 1.98% gross.

Christmas Saver

Make Christmas special and enjoy peace of mind too. A safe, flexible way to build your festive funds through the year.

Child Saver

Get your kids into healthy money habits with this simple, safe account.

Your money allows us to offer fair loans to local people

Flexible savings accounts that allow you to save what you can, when you can

Your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We aim to offer a competitive return on your savings

I first found out about them over 10 years ago and immediately knew I wanted to be part of it. By becoming a member I know my savings are only going to directly help people and local enterprises in my own community.


I have regularly saved with Great Western Credit Union for over 10 years. It helps me budget and plan ahead for things like birthdays, Christmas and holidays. I like knowing my money is being well looked after, and staying local!


After leaving university with lots of debt, saving was the last thing on my mind. But I didn’t even notice the small amount going straight into my savings account from my wages each month. After four years I have over £3,000!


Check you are eligible

To apply for a savings account you need to meet the following criteria:  

  • Age 18 +
  • Live, work or study in the Bristol and Bath, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset or Dorset
  • Or be a UNITE and UNISON member from across the South-West. 

Choose your savings account

We offer a range of savings accounts, from an Easy Saver to a Cash ISA. All of our accounts are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, up to £85,000.  

Find an account to suit you

Have your documents ready

You'll need an email address and mobile number to start your application. Make sure you also have your National Insurance number and bank details handy so you can make your first deposit, plus proof of identity.   

If you are unable to provide these during your application, you can save and complete at one of our branches or service points.  

Find a branch

Start your application

Now that you have everything you need you can get started on your application. It takes about 15 minutes to complete your application and open your account. You can save your application at any time and come back to it later.