Scam call warning

Our members are being warned of potential scam calls claiming to be a third-party of our loan department

Please beware of any scam calls you may receive claiming to be from third-parties that are affiliated with us. Great Western Credit Union (GWCU) does not partner with any other organisations.

Please note, GWCU will never ask you for the password to your member portal.


We will only contact you in the following ways:

Phone call

The only number GWCU will call you from is 0117 924 7309 and only during office hours (Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm).


The email addresses we use to contact you will always end in If you are worried that you have received a fraudulent email, reach out to us at and we can confirm if the message is from us.

Secure message

Messages that we send through the member portal are secure and will always be sent from an employee of GWCU. You do not need to worry about these being fraudulent messages.


To learn more about how to avoid these types of scams, read this article on UK Finance on how to be on the lookout.

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Posted on
07 November 2023