Child Saver

Get your kids into healthy money habits with this simple, safe account.

Save for your Child’s future

Our Child Saver is the ideal way to save for your child and teach them about managing money. You can open it from the day your child is born, and pay in as much as you want, whenever you can. 

Once they’re old enough, your child can pay in their own birthday or pocket money and make withdrawals. It’s a great way to learn the perks of saving and can encourage good money habits for life. 

Plus, when you save with us, you’re helping other local people have better finances too. 

  • Open an account with just £1 for any child up to 18 years old 
  • Access your money via free transfers to any UK bank account 
  • Your child’s savings are FSCS protected up to £85,000 

Interest rate 

0.5% AER

To find out how to apply for a Child Saver, get in touch.

Your money allows us to offer fair loans to local people

Flexible savings accounts that allow you to save what you can, when you can

Your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We offer a competitive return on your savings


You can set up a regular Standing Order from your bank account or have payments from benefits paid in directly. If your employer is signed up to our Savings@Work scheme, you can also save via your payroll. Alternatively, you can pay cash into one of our branches or service points. 

Yes. Your eligible deposits with Great Western Credit Union are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits you hold above the £85,000 limit are unlikely to be covered.

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AER stands for 'Annual Equivalent Rate'. It's the official rate for savings accounts and allows you to easily compare savings accounts. It is designed to show you what you would get over a year if you put money in the account and left it there. 

If you’re aged 18 years or over, you can open an account in trust for a child aged up to 18 years. 

You will need to pass our identity checks, plus we need to see the child's birth certificate. Once we have confirmed your child's ID you will receive your account details.  After receiving this you can pay into your Child Saver account using these details.


I have regularly saved with Great Western Credit Union for over 10 years. It helps me budget and plan ahead for things like birthdays, Christmas and holidays. I like knowing my money is being well looked after, and staying local!