If you work for one of our Money@Work partners, you can set up automatic saving direct from your pay. Save with no effort and watch your money grow in no time. 

The easy way to grow your savings

If you work for one of our Money@Work partners, you can save directly from your salary.

Savings@Work is the easy way to make saving a habit. Once it’s set up, your chosen amount comes straight out of your pay each time and goes into your Salary Savings account. You decide how much you want to save, and the rest is done for you.

This healthy money habit isn’t just good for you. Saving with us helps other local people have better finances too.

Interest rate 

We pay an annual dividend approved by our members at the annual general meeting.

Money@Work partners

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Your money allows us to offer fair loans to local people

Flexible savings accounts that allow you to save what you can, when you can

Your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We offer a competitive return on your savings


You can access to your money via free transfers to any UK bank account, by logging in to your account online.

Yes. Your eligible deposits with Great Western Credit Union are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits you hold above the £85,000 limit are unlikely to be covered.

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Money@Work is our payroll savings and loan scheme.

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A 'dividend' is a share of the profit that we make, which is paid to our members each year. Last year members received a dividend between 0.25% on their savings.

Members get to decide the dividend we pay at our Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in March and is open for all members to attend. 

After leaving university with lots of debt, saving was the last thing on my mind. But I didn’t even notice the small amount going straight into my savings account from my wages each month. After four years I have over £3,000!


Check you are eligible

To apply for an Easy Saver account and save from your payroll you need to meet the following criteria:  

  • Age 18+
  • Work for one of our Money@Work partners

Have your documents ready

You'll need an email address and mobile number to start your application. Make sure you have your National Insurance number, plus proof of identity handy. You'll also need your pay number (you can find this on your wage slip).

If you are unable to provide these during your application, you can save at any time and get in touch to discuss your options.

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Start your application

Now that you have everything you need you can get started on your application. It takes about 15 minutes to complete your application and open your account. You can save your application at any time and come back to it later.   

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