Credit when you need it and simple repayments directly from your salary. Flex@Work offers fairer rates and is easier to manage than a credit card or overdraft.

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A flexible way to borrow for our Money@Work partners

Our brand-new Flex@Work account is available for employees of our Money@Work partners.

With credit limits between £500-£1,500 depending on income, Flex@Work offers fairer rates and can be easier to manage than a credit card or overdraft. Repayments are fixed, so you know exactly where you stand, and come directly from your salary so you never miss a payment.

  • £500 - £1,500 credit limits
  • Often cheaper than a credit card or overdraft
  • Fixed repayments so you know exactly what you are repaying each month  

If approved, you’ll have a credit limit attached to your Flex@Work account to start using straight away. Draw down as often as you need within the agreed limit, without having to reapply.

Salary band                      Limit

£5,000 - £17,500               £500

£17,500 - £25,000             £1,000

£25,000 +                           £1,500

The salary bands are a guide, and the actual limit approved (if any) will be subject to the payments being affordable. 

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Credit limit

Credit limit £500
Monthly repayment £50.00
APR 18.90%
Credit limit £1,000
Monthly repayment £95.00
APR 18.90%
Credit limit £1,500
Monthly repayment £140.00
APR 18.90%

Representative example

If you borrow £500 when your account is set up and don’t borrow again from your limit then you will repay £50 per month for 10 months and £44.33 in the final month. Total amount payable is £544.33, which includes interest of £44.33. Interest is fixed at 17.47%, 18.9% APR Representative.
* credit limit offered will depend on income and affordability
Try our calculator to see what your payments would be and the total interest you would pay based on your borrowing requirements. Try the calculator

We’ve been helping local people borrow better for over 20 years

We’ll consider you for a loan, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere

99% of our borrowers are happy with our service

Our loans have a 5-star rating from the Fairbanking Foundation


You need to be over 18 and work for one of our Money@Work partners to apply for a Flex@Work account. 

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If you pass our initial checks, you should receive a provisional loan offer within 15 minutes. If you’re happy with the credit limit offered, you will be able to accept and continue with the last few steps to finalise your application. 

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We will set the repayment frequency on your Flex@Work account to match how often we will receive payments from your salary from your employer.

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There are 3 credit limits with the Flex@Work account: £500, £1,000 or £1,500, depending on your financial circumstances. 

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Repaying my loan by payroll deduction makes it really easy and the interest rate is competitive too. What’s not to like?


To apply for a Flex@Work account, you need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Age 18+ and work for one of our Money@Work partners 
  • You have a regular income over £450 per month 
  • You have enough disposable income to meet the loan repayments 

Have your documents ready

You'll need an email address and mobile number to start your application. Make sure you also have your pay number (you can find this on your wage slip), National Insurance number, income details and bank details handy, plus proof of identity. 

If you are unable to provide these during your application, you can save at any time and get in touch to discuss your options.

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Now that you have everything you need, select your employer and get started on your application. It takes about 15 minutes to apply online and you can save your application at any time and come back to it later. 

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