Investor Q&A: GWCU Deferred Shares Offer

We catch up with Helen,who tells us why she chose to support our Deferred Shares offer.

What is interesting about the investment opportunity?It’s about being able to do more to support BCU's growth and development over and above my share account deposits, so more people and social enterprises in my community can benefit from the great work that BCU does.

How do you know about BCU?When I first moved to Bristol I started cycling into the city centre to work every morning and would sit at the traffic lights outside the Cheltenham Road office wondering what Bristol Credit Union was about. I did some investigation, really liked what heard, and decided to become a member.

What does BCU do that attracts you to invest in it?So many things! Supporting social enterprises and small businesses in the community; giving vulnerable people a real alternative to the shocking pay day lenders; providing access to banking services for those excluded by the high street banks; helping homeless and unemployed people get back into work and homes.

How important is the role of BCU across the city region?It’s hugely important in a city like Bristol which has such a big diversity of financial wealth and capability across its population.

What sets it apart?The passion and dedication of the staff who are all committed to the purpose of BCU.

Apart from a financial return, what else are you hoping to get out of this investment?

The satisfaction of seeing BCU grow and develop, and hearing about the new enterprises they will be able to support and the innovative ways they will be able to help the most vulnerable people in our city.



The first phase of our Deferred Shares Offer is now closed, but members can still invest, contact us to find out more.

Capital is at risk. Deferred Shares not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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21 June 2018