Achieve your short term financial goals with Bristol Credit Union

Money@Work partners can save up to 25% off interest rates on loans from £100 to £15,000.

2020 saw home improvements increase by 65% and the trend is set to continue into 2021. With the continuation of working from home driving refurbishments alongside demand for smart home technology and energy efficiency adaptations, Bristol Credit Union (BCU) has unveiled a number of low cost, affordable loan options to help occupiers finance their short term projects. The Credit Union has also launched a loan sale for its Money@Work partners with up to 25% off interest rates on loans from £100 to £15,000.

BCU’s Loans@Work eases the financial burden for around 45,000 employees, allowing members to make repayments directly from their monthly salaries. Surplus money is reinvested into the Credit Union or returned to members as a dividend. There are currently around 20 employers on the Money@Work scheme, including Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council, Knowle West Media Centre and plenty more.

The Credit Union also offers a range of additional loan options. The award-winning Family Finance Plan provides members with access to funds as and when they need it, spreading the cost of expenses. Personal Loans support essential costs or can help members to achieve their life goals with loans that work for their budget.

James Berry, CEO of Bristol Credit Union, commented: “With the increased appetite for smart home technology and energy-efficient applications, Bristol Credit Union can help you fund your dream objectives. Our competitive loan rates are a great alternative to high-interest lenders. We’re helping the region to build back better post-pandemic and when you use our services, money is recirculated into the local economy.”

The Loans@Work sale will end at midnight on 25th February. Any new borrowing must be a minimum of 50% of any current BCU Loans@Work borrowing. This move supports BCU’s aim to triple its membership in the next five years. Find out more about Loans@Work here.

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25 January 2021