Small gift ideas to show your gratitude this Christmas

Ways to show you care without damaging your finances

We’re facing a very different festive season this year, missing many of its usual delights; think carol concerts, office parties and big family get-togethers. For most of us, our usual Christmas calendar is full of opportunities to show those close to us that we care; to express our gratitude in the form of festive cheer - so we need to adapt to these strange circumstances.

Because things will look different this year, there might be a temptation to overspend on gifts in order to compensate for the missing meet-ups - but there are ways to show your love and appreciation without damaging your finances. Gifts don’t have to be big and flashy to really make someone smile, so here are five small gift ideas to really show that you care:

Add a personal touch

Even the smallest gifts come to life with the addition of a personal element: think a note and bookmark or photograph tucked into the cover of a book, or a favourite chocolate bar concealed inside a toiletry bag. The extra expense is minimal, but it will let your special person know that you’ve been thinking of them.

Give collective gifts

If you’re gifting relatives or family friends, there’s no need to buy an expensive gift for each and every member of the family. Choose something that can be enjoyed by all; you could create your own hamper filled with things you know they love best or, if you’re struggling for time, even a luxury hamper could be more wallet-friendly than individual gifts. If you really want to make something yourself, hot chocolate jars are quick, easy and make a lovely, thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed by most!


Give your time

We all know that time is precious, so promising half an hour a week for a phone call or making time to go for a walk with someone you care about is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. You could offer to walk a neighbour’s dog, or collect their shopping for them - small, free acts of kindness that add up to mean an awful lot.


Spread the cost with a subscription

Some people find an avalanche of gifts on Christmas day a little overwhelming, especially children. A simple way to spread the cost - and the joy - across the year, is to buy a subscription for a small gift or service to arrive each month. You can get everything from beauty products and stationery to crafts and snacks via subscription, so there’s bound to be something for your special person. Check out some of the best small gift subscription ideas here.


Shop independent and unique

Bristol is full to the brim of artisan makers and craftspeople, all making unique and wonderful products. Something small but special will make your friend or family member smile, won’t clutter up their home and won’t cost you a fortune. Discover the best Bristol indie retailers here, and stay tuned for our guide to gifts by local makers under £20.

There are plenty of ways to show that you care without unaffordable extravagance that leaves you struggling throughout 2021 and beyond. This year, more than ever, taking a balanced approach to your Christmas shopping and being mindful of what really matters is important.

We all know that even the simplest and most pared-back of Christmasses cost money. If the cost of Christmas is causing you stress after a difficult year, we might be able to help. Our fair, affordable loans can help to ease the pressure of Christmas spending, enabling you to spread the cost in a way that suits you.

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25 November 2020