The rise of alternative finance

James Berry on our role as one of the city’s largest alternative finance organisations. 

Last month, Bristol 24-7 ran an interesting story about ‘The Rise of Alternative Finance’ (Ellie Pipe) detailing how Bristol is at the forefront of using money to care for the planet and communities.

Our CEO, James Berry, featured in the article with Bristol Credit Union’s role as one of the city’s largest alternative finance organisations, alongside Triodos Bank.

In it, James describes alternative finance as ‘money working for people and planet rather than as an end in itself’, a sentiment echoed by many as the number of ethical investors grows substantially each year.

James references the financial system meltdown some ten years ago as a catalyst for change. He goes on to outline how we can overcome the future challenges of scaling up alternative finance operations.It’s a timely report as the UK faces up to Brexit implications and the banking industry finds itself in more uncertain times.

Alternative finance does improve sustainability in local economies as well as extending inclusivity to help bridge the wealth gap.

You can find out more about James’ thoughts on alternative finance in his Q&A, ‘What’s it all about?’, and you can read the full article here.

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27 June 2018