Personal finances made easier with Chat-GPT

Helpful ways you can make Chat-GPT work for you when managing your personal finances.

Many of us are familiar with artificial intelligence (AI) systems such as Siri and Alexa, but Chat-GPT is rapidly emerging as the new and improved AI. Chat-GPT is a free, up and coming AI website that allows you to put in your own prompts, questions and tasks. Chat-GPT will then provide you with a variety of specially tailored answers.

We thought we would put it to good use and share some helpful ways you can make Chat-GPT work for you when managing your personal finances.

Meal planning

Meal planning is an efficient and budget-friendly way to shop for your groceries. It allows you to stick to a specific list and reduces your food waste! However, researching yummy meals and writing out a list can be extremely time-consuming and boring. That is exactly what Chat-GPT is for. Just type in your preferences! You can even have Chat-GPT come up with ideas based on your dietary restrictions, whether you’re on a vegan, ketogenic or gluten-free diet! It will even create a grocery list with all the ingredients you need for your meals that week!

Example prompt: Make me a weekly vegetarian meal plan with 2 meals a day and include a grocery list under £50

Holiday planning

One of the best ways to use Chat-GPT is to have it make you the perfect, budget-friendly, travel plans. Travelling in the summer means you are more than likely to overpay, such as for a guided tour or even a cup of coffee. To avoid the tourist traps, check in with Chat-GPT. Whether you want to find affordable places to eat, a self-guided walking tour schedule, or budget-friendly activities, you will get a list of great options, without having to do any research of your own!

Example prompt: Affordable self-guided tour through Edinburgh

Home improvements

With the rise in living costs, it may feel like the home renovations you have planned may never get done. There are plenty of ways to change up your homes without feeling overwhelmed by the cost. Just give Chat-GPT your budget and which part of the home you want to freshen up and let it come up with some ways that are simple and affordable!

Example prompt: How to do a small kitchen renovation within a £200 budget

Budget planning

The best feature about Chat-GPT is how specific you can be when asking questions, letting Chat-GPT to give you customised, unique answers to your situation. So, if you want help planning out a budget, just input your specified income, bills, and financial goals, and Chat-GPT will give you a tailored, easy-to-understand budget plan. It may not fit all your needs and wants, but could be a good blueprint to help you build from.

Example prompt: How to budget combined income of £2500, £800 rent, £650 bills

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17 July 2023