Home makeover for less

7 easy ways to spruce up your home.

Adhesive magnetic strips

Magnetic strips that have an adhesive back can be great for organising all your metal items. In the bathroom you could place strips on the inside of a cabinet for bobby pins, tweezers etc. Or in your kitchen you could use them to keep all those small metal items neatly in place.

Remodel your tired tiles

If you’re bored of your kitchen or bathroom tiles then here's a cheap way to jazz them up, without having to re-tile, using self-adhesive film available from B&Q or Amazon. First give your tiles a thorough cleaning to get rid of grease. Measure your tiles and cut the film to size. You could use triangles to add another colour to half your tiles or get creative with any shape you want. Peel the backing off and stick slowly from one side to the other.

Wall mug rack

An easy way to cover up any bits of wall you don’t want to see, whilst showing off all your lovely mugs that normally hide in the cupboard. Find a wall-mounted mug rack online or attach individual hooks to the wall. You’ll also be increasing the amount of cupboard space you have.

Covering a wall you don’t like and don’t have the time to re-paint/re-wallpaper

Cover your wall with photos, cheaper than buying artwork and more personal. Or buy a large scarf and hang it over the wall. Or you could make a decorated string curtain. Fix two hooks at the top of the wall with a pole between. Then attach strings or ribbons from the pole to the floor and decorate the strings with beads, petals, shells, polaroid photos or whatever you can find.

Save glass bottles

From wine bottles to spirit bottles these can be used around the house. Put fairy lights in them for ambient lighting or use as water jugs for when you have guests. They can also be used as unique vases for flowers.


Plastic tubes

Can be used for a range of storage and time-saving hacks. Spray paint with your favourite colour. Then fix underneath tables and slide those things cluttering your surface such as hair dryer and make up bags inside. In the kitchen you could fix a tube to the inside or end of your cabinets. Cut a rectangle out and get a handy bag dispenser.

Want to get on the house plant trend?

Buying house plants can be expensive, so if you can get the pots and the soil, get your fingers green with the fresh produce you buy to eat. This website shows you how to grow different types of fruit and vegetables from your leftovers, reducing food waste. You never know it may save you some money if you grow anything successfully.

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20 June 2019