Deferred Shares Offer: Investor Q&A

Member and volunteer, Colin, tells us what attracts him to our Deferred Shares Offer.

What is interesting about this investment opportunity?

The ability to add a little more ethical balance and diversity to my existing portfolio of investments. For me, it is just as much about allowing the Credit Union to expand and grow than it is the return on my investment.

How do you know about BCU?

I have been a friend of the Chief Executive Officer, James Berry, for many years, am a long time saver with them and occasionally volunteer for them.

What does BCU do that attracts you to invest in it?

It provides a real alternative to people who cannot easily get access to credit and financial services and is truly part of the Bristol community.

How important is the role of BCU across the city region?

With high street banks becoming more and more choosy about the types of customers they want and where they want to serve them, it is vital that people support the likes of Bristol Credit Union.

What sets it apart?

The fact that they are truly member owned, really care about their customers and that they are focused solely on the local community.

Apart from a financial return, what else are you hoping to get out of this investment?

Nothing other than feeling good, that I am doing my little bit to help out the community.


The first phase of our Deferred Shares Offer is now closed, but members can still invest, contact us to find out more.

Capital is at risk. Deferred Shares not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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31 May 2018