Investor Q&A: Deferred Shares Offer

One of our recent supporters shares what they're hoping to get out of their investment. 

As our Deferred Shares Offer passes the 10k mark, we catch up with one of our investors, H.C. who told us why they wanted more than just financial returns on their investment.

1. How do you know about BCU?

BCU had a “special offer” a few years ago for local NHS staff to join as savers (joining fee was waived). I had known about BCU so decided to go for it.

2. What does BCU do that attracts you to invest in it?

It provides clear information for investors about risk etc, as well as clarity about interest rates on loans and what that will mean for someone considering this.

3. How important is the role of BCU across the city region?

Increasingly important, with high street banks still making high charges for overdrafts, which lots of people can’t access anyway. Pay-day loans are always on offer, and this is so much better.

4. What sets it apart?

Every member has an equal voice, no difference between savers and borrowers nor amount of money involved. And its local, with Bristol pound as well.

5. Apart from a financial return, what else are you hoping to get out of this investment?

“Do good with money” is a strapline that makes sense - this is not giving to a charity but is using money, as part of an investment portfolio, to contribute to a robust financial base on which BCU can grow and provide a service to individuals and community organisations.


The first phase of our Deferred Shares Offer is now closed, but members can still invest, contact us to find out more.

Capital is at risk. Deferred Shares not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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07 June 2018