Spotlight on BCU's Member Support Team

Our new arrangements mean we can offer more seamless help and advice to our members

Six months ago, here at Bristol Credit Union, we expanded our team and welcomed on board three new recruits. Hayley, Katie and Steph joined us in August 2020 as Member Support Representatives, dealing with any problems members may have with their loan payments. They are currently focused on helping members to navigate the financial chaos of the pandemic.

Our new arrangements mean we can offer more seamless help and advice to our members, directly supporting them when they need it most. It also marks the return of our in-house arrears management, ending an out-sourced arrangement. The outsourcing had worked well for the last few years, but with the new team, we are bringing jobs back to Bristol and making it easier for those who need it to maintain their access to our responsible credit options.

Meet Hayley - Member Support Representative

Previously a Senior Housing Officer, Hayley changed careers after starting a family, entering the academic sector as a primary school receptionist to balance work and her children. She has joined Bristol Credit Union to be part of a company that cares about, and is flexible towards, employees’ lifestyles and circumstances. Hayley also enjoys the feeling of helping people which is the root of the work we do at BCU.

Meet Katie - Member Support Representative

Katie has a background in small businesses, having owned a café and a restaurant in the past. Last year, she moved into office based admin and jumped at the chance to work for Bristol Credit Union which has been a long held desire. 

Meet Steph - Member Support Representative

Steph has a diverse background having worked as a receptionist for several hotels, and later as a mortgage administrator and for a fire and security firm. Steph was drawn to Bristol Credit Union because of our reputation for helping those in need in the community. When asked how she was enjoying her new role, Steph said:

“I am currently loving my role here at BCU, everyone is so friendly and helpful! I love that we are trying to help people, not demanding money back no matter what the circumstances are like other companies. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I genuinely see myself here at BCU for years to come.”


In regards to the new appointments, James Berry, CEO of Bristol Credit Union, noted:  

Our expansion is a welcome move. Firstly because we’ve been able to create much-needed jobs right here in Bristol. Secondly, and vitally at the current time, we increased our support for our members. And lastly, we can now help more people across the West of England avoid rip-off loans and manage their credit history.

If you are interested in volunteering at Bristol Credit Union, you can find out more here.

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16 March 2021