Bank Workers Charity invests in Bristol Credit Union

Helping us do more for our members. 

We are so pleased to let members know that we have received an investment from the Bank Workers Charity as part of their social investment program. 

This is in the form of a long-term loan of £50,000 which will support the improvements we’re currently working on to help us do so much more for our members and local communities across Bristol, Bath and the West of England area.

It will allow us to:

  • Improve our online user experience
  • Triple the credit union in size over the next five years
  • Increase the number of affordable loans we can make to people who need to borrow
  • Increase our presence in local communities around Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas
  • Ensure we continue to provide access to a local, ethical and mutual financial service for our members

James Berry, CEO of Bristol Credit Union said:

Bristol Credit Union provides a vital service to many thousands of people across our local area and we are delighted to have secured the investment we need to make necessary improvements and ensure our sustainability.

"We have been serving our members for twenty years now, and we are looking forward to the next twenty years of growing and developing as our members’ needs change.”

The Bank Workers Charity helps current and former bank employees and their families by providing information, advice, expert support services and in some cases financial assistance. Since 2013 BWC have set aside up to £3 million of their overall funds for social investment. They use these funds to achieve social impact as well as a financial return. The money generated is spent on furthering their charitable aims - the relief of sickness and poverty, and the advancement of health.

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28 February 2020